M Code
          ส่วนประกอบต่าง ๆ ภายในรถ หรืออุปกรณ์เสริม ได้ถูกระบุไว้ใน M-Plate โดยในแต่ละ M (Mehrausstattung) number จะบ่งบอกถึงอุปกรณ์แต่ละอย่าง อุปกรณ์บางอย่างจะมีเฉพาะรถแต่ละ TYP เช่นกระบะจะมีโครงหลังคาด้านหลังเป็นอุปกรณ์เสริมมาจากโรงงานเลย หรือเช่น ตู้ 23 หน้าต่างจะถูกระบุว่ามี belly pan อยู่ใต้ท้องเป็นอุปกรณ์มาตรฐาน ซึ่งตรงนี้ทำให้เรารู้ได้ว่า รถตู้ 23 หน้าต่าง แตกต่างอย่างไรจากตู้ 15 หน้าต่าง

Binz Double Cab
Single Cab
เป็นเลขจากโรงงาน BINZ เพื่อเอา Single cab มาแปลงเป็น Double cab
SO-23 Westfalia interior
SO-33 Westfalia interior
Standard SO42 interior,
no exterior fitments
SO-23 Westfalia interior
Westfalia configuration - details?
Westfalia SO-34 configuration - details?
Westfalia configuration - details?
Standard SO42 interior,
pop-up top, side tent, and roof rack
Standard SO42 interior, pop-up top
Westfalia configuration - details?
SO-23 Westfalia interior
Westy SO-34 configuration - details?
Standard SO42 interior,
side tent, and roof rack
Panel Bus    
SO-23 Westfalia interior

Westfalia configuration -


Westfalia configuration -

SO-23 Westfalia interior - details?
SO-23 Westfalia interior - details?
Westfalia configuration - details?
SO-23 Westfalia interior - details?
SO-23 Westfalia interior - details?
SO-23/34(?) Westfalia interior - details?
SO-23/34(?) Westfalia interior - details?
Dust free air intake

Pick-ups from
July 1959

Radio ?
Dust filters for engine compartment
Middle and rear seats plus panels in the cargo area
Windshield washer

Double cab truck
(before it was an actual model type)

Rear brake and taillights combined
Unknown, maybe sealed beam headlights?

Headlamp flasher,
with 200 watt generator

Emergency vehicles    
020 MPH speedometer   Export  
021 Outside door handles lockable from either side   Export  
023 LHD panels with loading doors on left (until 1959) Panelvan    
024 Sealed beam head lamps and red tail lights, side turn signals, back up lights   USA, Canada  
025 US-spec bumpers and 6 pop-out windows   Export  
025 Safety belts      
026 Activated charcoal. vapor canister   USA, Canada, Japan  
027 Fog lights      
027 Windshield Washers (pre-1964)   Australia  
028 Ambulance without stretchers      
029 Front and rear tow hooks      
030 Headlight flasher with dash mounted idiot light, number plate lamp   Austria, 211-274  
030 Primer paint Type 21 or 23    
031 Primer paint Type 22 or 24    
032 Locking gas cap door      
033 LHD Kombi with loading doors on left (until 1959)      
033 Additional rear turn signals, to chassis# 802 985   Australia, Italy  
034 Side turn signals, modified emergency brake handle      
035 Side marker lights      
035 Reinforced sides Type 26    
036 Warning light - parking light, indicators, modified handbrake lever   Italy, 211-274  
037 No emergency flashers   Italy, France  
040 Speedometer with fuel gauge      
043 Preparation for Swiss license requirements      
046 Side turn signal lights   Denmark, Norway, Italy  
047 2 back up lights      
Provision for second generator
    This is a type 1 dual port engine as installed in an early '70s German Type 181 radio car. The ignition is water and shock proof, and the brackets for the extra generator can be seen to the left of the distributor. The pulley for the extra generator is behind the regular pulley and plainly visible. Also note the absence of fresh air ducts, the *Thing's* exhaust does not have provisions for heater boxes and an Eberspacher gas heater was located in the front cargo area.
Information/photo provided by Jason McDaniel
052 Rear hatch without window      
053 Rear hatch with window (until `55)      
054 Full width dashboard
(until March '55)
055 Turbine roof vent (until March '55)      
056 Steering/ignition lock      
057 Separate front seats "Walk-through" (until March '55)      
057 Bed slats supplied, but not installed. Pick-up    
059 Thermostatically controlled carb pre-heater   Export  
060 Eberspacher heater Pick-up and Ambulance    
062 LHD Microbus with loading doors on left (until 1959) Microbus    
062 Passenger side mirror      
064 No side/tail gates Pick-up    
065 Inscribed axle load limits      
066 Rubber mat in cargo area      
069 Same as M13
Kombi with left-hand sliding door
070 Tarp and bows (not for enlarged bed version) Pick-up    
071 Second locker hatch for single cab Pick-up    
072 Vinyl headliner (standard from 10/63) Microbus and Deluxe    
074 Rear mudflaps      
075 Mud flaps - front and rear      
077 Primer paint Double Cab    
077 88Ah battery for Artic climates      
078 Primer paint Pick-up    
080 Walk-through front seats
Kombi and Panel, Left-hand drive
081 Same as M80
Microbus and Deluxe, Left-hand drive
081 LHD Ambulance with loading doors on left (until 1959) Ambulance    
082 Same as M80      
083 Same as M80      
086 Unknown      
087 LHD with ragtop with loading doors on left (Until 1959) Kombi    
088 Locker door on left Single Cab    
089 Safety glass windshield      
090 Safety glass windshield   Export  
091 Whitewall tires      
092 Lower gearing for mountain travel   Export  
093 Behr ventilator, front mount (until '55)      
094 Locking deck lid      
095 Radio - Wolfsburg model      
096 Radio - Braunschweig model      
097 Radio - Emden model      
097 Rear bumper (until '55)      
099 Tubeless mud & snow (M&S) tires      
100 Without front VW emblem      
101 Mud & Snow tires and front VW badge painted red Fire Truck    
102 Heated rear window/defroster      
103 Heavy duty shock absorbers      
105 Stiffer front transmission mount      
105/I Telefunken radio Microbus and Deluxe    
105/II Telefunken radio Microbus and Deluxe Export  
106 Heavy duty shock absorbers      
107 Overriders      
108 Camping Equipment
Westfalia SO42 kit
108 Without side windows      
112 High altitude correction jet, until engine # 3 580 000, used with M155      
113 Safari windshields   Export  
114 6 popout side windows   Export  
115 Low cargo floor (base equipment) Pick-up    
116 Without vented cargo area Panel Van    
117 No seats in rear cabin Double-Cab    
118 Without side/tail gates Pick-up    
119 Eberspacher BN4 gas heater All except Ambulance    
121 Fresh air fan - 'Ambulance fan'      
123 Special resister ignition   Export  
124 Yellow headlamps   Export - France  
125 Michelin X steel radial tires   Export  
127 Rear hatch without window Panel Van, Kombi, Microbus    
128 Whitewall tires      
129 34 hp motor      
130 Deluxe without sunroof and roof windows Deluxe    
132 Safaris with safety glass   Export  
134 Hinged passenger seat      
137 Kombi equipped as Fire personnel carrier      
137 Dual circuit drum brakes   Export  
139 Sealed beam headlamps, red tail light lenses   Export  
140 Fire engine as specified by German DIN specifications      
141 Heat vents in cargo area      
142 Side windows of safety glass Kombi, Microbus Export  
142 Sliding door on both sides      
143 Side windows of safety glass Deluxe Export  
143 Same as M142 excluding M13      
144 Side windows of safety glass Ambulance Export  
145 Sliding door safety latch
Also ? (seen on non-sliding door 15-window)
146 Same as M13. Seven seater (right hand cargo doors)      
149 Chrome parts painted over      
150 Ambulance per (German) DIN specifications, includes windshield washer from 1959 Type 271    
151 Eberspacher gas heater and ambulance fan - Ambulance Types 271-274    
152 Rear panel lid with extension - Ambulance Types 271-274    
155 Air cleaner with additional cyclone filter Types 211-274 Export markets  
156 Larger oil bath air filter Types 211-274    
156 Second rear view mirror (until '56)      
157 Pollution control/Exhaust emissions devices      
160 Blue light and emergency signal equipment (siren)      
161 Sliding door - Panelvan, 1-side Types 211, 213, 214    
162 Sliding door on both sides - Panelvan Types 215, 216    
163 Same as M161 but with sealed beam headlights   Export  
163 Sliding door - Microbus Types 221-228    
164 Sliding door - Deluxe, 1960's Types 241, 244    
164 Front blinkers      
165 Same as M161 with front blinkers      
168 88 ampere/hour battery up to Chassis No. 216 190 000 Types 211-274    
169 Sliding door - Kombi Types 231-238    
171 Tires with increased carrying capacity Types 211-271 (LHD) Benelux countries  
172 Visible location of brake fluid reservoir   Benelux countries (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg)  
173 Engine prepared for arctic climates, heavy duty insulation in engine area      
175 Overriders all models Except types 26 & 265    
176 Same as M175 Pick-up and Double Cab Export  
177 Rear seat only      
178 RPM limiter - 1200cc engine      
180 Rear seat only      
181 Chrome hubcaps      
183 Walk-through Panelvan, Kombi    
184 Same as M183 Microbus, Samba    
186 Rear lap belts   Export  
187 Asymmetric headlamps for LHD      
188 Asymmetric headlamps for RHD      
191 Sub floor - belly pan      
192 Body ready to be outfitted as a camper      
193 Semaphore turn signals - red      
194 Larger door mirrors      
195 Adjustable bench seat/backrest (until 1963)      
196 Asymmetric headlamps for RHD      
197 Possibly a Swiss option?      
199 Seat belt mounting points      
199 Swivel driver's seat Panel Van, Camper    
200 Single cab with enlarged steel bed, Payload 940Kg      
202 1200cc engine from Oct. 1, 1964 until Oct. 1, 1965      
203 Eberspacher gas heater Double Cab    
205 Unknown      
207 Tarp and bows Double Cab    
208 Trailer hitch and electrical hook-up      
209 PVC Tilt instead of canvas      
209 Seating for 9 people (double cargo doors)      
201 Seating for 9 people (double cargo doors)      
211 Seating for 9 people (double cargo doors)      
212 Seating for 9 people (double cargo doors) Deluxe    
214 Easy to detach gates      
215 1 ton payload and 1500cc engine (until October, 1964) Except MicroBus and Deluxe    
216 1500cc engine (until October, 1964)      
220 Locking differential (limited slip)      
221 High roof panel van with side opening for vending (sales flap)      
222 High roof panel van      
223 Low floor without guide rails Westfalia Pick-up    
224 Low floor with guide rails Westfalia Pick-up    
225 VW Dealer breakdown/service vehicle Double Cab from 1962    
Cable to stop rear gate from opening fully
Trucks (late-model)    
240 Engine with dished pistons (low compression) for low octane fuel - Engine Code 'L'      
246 Eberspacher gas heate      
265 LHD, Cab door right side Double Cab    
303 Italian preparations, STVZO      
360 USA market package, including M164 and M176      
Package including M168, M181, M192, M199
362 North American export model with M20, M24, M25, M90, M176, M620, M621 Single Cab, Double Cab    
363 Equipment - export country?      
364 Equipment - export country?      
367 Package including M361 plus M20, M24,M90,M142, M175      
368 South African export package      
369 Package including M361 plus M20, M24,M113, M142, M132, M175      
372 Export country? equipment - export country?      
376 North American equipment?      
378 North American equipment?      
382 North American equipment?      
388 North American equipment?   May be Canada only  
392 North American equipment?      
392 Prepared for Great Britain, STVZ0, amber indicators and RHD      
415 Extended load bed for pickup Pickup    
415 Sweden Equipment including 119 and 209      
425 Seats belts and mounting points      
427 North American export package including ?      
430 North American export package including M20, M24, M25, M90, M175, M620, M621 Panelvan, Kombi, Microbus    
502 Board door panels Panel Van and Kombi    
503 Board headliner Panel Van and Kombi    
Board bulkhead paneling, non-walk-through models
505 Board bulkhead paneling, walk-through models      
510 Upper divider between cab and cargo area      
513 Transmission skid plate      
515 Articulated unit      
515 Larger load bed for Pickup      
520 Sliding doors left and right      
523 Package of options?      
525 Seat belts   USA, Canada  
527 Large rear hatch      
529 Glass divider with sliding window      
530 Large step to cargo area      
531 With stiffer rear suspension      
535 Tachometer      
539 Automatic step/running board      
542 Special equipment for German Army      
543 Without seats in passenger area Microbus and Deluxe    
544 "Kundendienstwerkstatt", (i.e. "service room", special place for conversions made by Volkswagen itself).      
546 Roof mounted turn signals      
547 Cavity preservation      
549 3-point seat belts      
571 Rear fog light      
616 Back up lights      
620 12v system (standard from August, 1966)      
621 12v warning light relay Except Ambulance    
623 12v system with resistor plug wires for SW radios      
718 Backlit red cross symbol      
729 Tubeless Michelin X tires      
797   Deluxes only?    

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